Chandler’s story is not the usual one. It doesn’t begin with “Chandler started singing at the age of 3”, “Growing up in a musical family…” or any of the like. He had studied piano in his elementary years and up through high school and had a good knowledge of music theory, but hadn’t ever sung anywhere outside of the shower…until the age of 22.

But it wasn’t until 2001 that he was invited over to a basement jam at a friend’s house, where he truly got his first taste of being around a “rock band”. He was asked if he wanted to sing “Breaking the Law” by Judas Priest. He grabbed the microphone and proceeded. Everyone watched in amazement with their jaws on the floor. Chandler had seemed to have answered a calling which he had thought little to nothing about doing before.

Chandler has been voted Best Unsigned Artist in StarCentral Magazine and was also featured on the home page in 2013. His album “Road Not Taken” with his NJ-based group Iron Bridge Band made the Grammy ballot for Best Rock Album for 2013 and their song “All Our Yesterdays” charted on the Roots Music Report Chart at #11 as of April 12th and additionally appeared on the AAA/AMA charts. The album reached #8 in the RMR chart’s Pop/Rock category.

In just a short time Chandler has established himself as one of the hardest-working independent singers in Rock; he has recorded on over 250 songs and on over 20 albums, sold over 15,000 CDs and garnered over 500,000 Youtube views in just the last few years alone. He continues to write, record and perform in the NYC area and beyond.

Chandler’s Favorite Quote:
“The only way out is through.” – L. Ron Hubbard

Chandler’s Favorite Book:

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