Anil is an electrifying catalyst for profound change who is devoted his life to helping people rise out of pain and blockage into overflowing Abundance, Happiness and Fulfillment. He has a gift for identifying blocks and patterns that are keeping a person stuck and use his advanced intuitive gifts to reconnect people with their spirit, truth and life’s purpose.  Anil literally wakes up people’s souls to live a richer and fuller life and ultimately to realize their greatness.
He is the best selling author of Immediate Happiness, Speaks on stages all over the world , has a thriving coaching practice and has had numerous appearances at Harvard and Fox news.


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1:59hey what’s up everybody Jeremy here and
2:03i hope you guys had an amazing monday
2:05hope you really enjoyed our interview
2:07with John Lee V which was really really
2:08cool and we have another guest today
2:11that i must once again do a shout-out to
2:14the power broker Michael ambrosino for
2:17hooking me and today’s guest up his name
2:19is Anil Gupta and he’s a really
2:22interesting guy he is like the happiness
2:25guru he’s helping entrepreneurs to get
2:27their lives into balance in the way of
2:29happiness and also putting more
2:32gratitude and what they’re doing because
2:33i think if you really look at the high
2:34level guys they really are a different
2:37breed so it’s really interesting to dive
2:39into a lot of it with an eel group today
2:40and i want to remind you guys before we
2:43get into today’s interview that if you
2:45haven’t checked out the private facebook
2:47group it’s over at Jeremy Ryan
2:49/ cyl without further ado guys let’s get
2:53into our interview with an eel gupta
2:57hey what’s up life creation nation
2:58Jeremy here and I am super excited to
3:01have a really awesome guest today
3:04his name is Neil Gupta and he is the
3:07best-selling author of immediate
3:09happiness speaks all over the world and
3:12he is going to be sharing his time with
3:14us today and I’m very excited having an
3:16eel welcome to the Creator on my podcast
3:18hey thanks for having me i’m so excited
3:19to be able to help as many people as I
3:23awesome and all the way I like to start
3:25these out is I always like to ask people
3:27when you’re meeting new people
3:29how do you introduce yourself and I
3:31think it’s always interesting to get
3:32your viewpoint versus how I introduce
3:34uh-huh that’s a lie i do change a little
3:38bit and I was thinking about this
3:40morning and this is kind of strange
3:41level of all so actually what I do but I
3:45have a very special gift that can remove
3:46any personal issue that anyone has
3:48within about 30 minutes
3:52wow that that’s what that’s a great
3:54introduction first
3:56that’s awesome so so how did you get
4:00started doing what you’re doing like how
4:02did you even even get to this point like
4:03what would you say is your story I still
4:07really the big story started in 2008
4:10we’re out on the verge of suicide and it
4:14was an incredible painful experience for
4:16me I wouldn’t eat with a knife I
4:17wouldn’t walk in the street just in case
4:18I did something stupid but one thing
4:21really helped me apart from the
4:23intervention with tony robbins and his
4:24wife his wife’s brother and my wife is
4:27that in the moment that i started to
4:28give and the moment I started to serve
4:30the pain disappeared so if if any of you
4:33are in pain or difficulties or having
4:35issues in in a living a more joyful life
4:39start giving you know gotten to give
4:41something away help somebody else and in
4:43that moment there cannot be anything as
4:45long as it’s genuine
4:48that’s awesome because I i really think
4:50it’s the place that we’re coming from a
4:52lot of times you know what i mean and i
4:53just don’t think that’s what a lot of
4:55people consider well you know that the
4:58biggest mistake people make him giving
5:00it’s they expect something in return so
5:02often I hear people say what I did
5:04everything for you and look you don’t do
5:05anything back for me that you’re not
5:07really giving you know we never say that
5:09to a one year old kid or two year old
5:12kids do it but after all that we expect
5:15something back
5:16absolutely so one of the big things that
5:19really interests me and especially from
5:21our audience is there a lot of guys that
5:22are either neutral career trying to jump
5:25out and you know they don’t have
5:26fulfillment or happiness or a lot of
5:29these different things you know what’s
5:33what should be looking forward to kind
5:34of decide you know where they’re even
5:36going to go well the first thing is that
5:39without having a formula and i’d like to
5:40share that with you
5:41yeah let’s go for it ok it’s happiness
5:44equals G cubed the first years that we
5:47already spoke about is to give give your
5:49time and energy love your commitment you
5:51enjoy your gift money give it away but
5:53not wanting anything in return
5:56the second geez you have to be grateful
5:58for what you have and don’t focus on
6:00what you don’t have
6:02so if i could just ask you a question
6:05have a look at your hands use when was
6:08the last time you think
6:11I don’t think I’ve actually ever thank
6:14my hands now that I think of it and what
6:16have they done to you
6:18probably in a measurable number of
6:23things you know more than I could list
6:25you know you know listview that will
6:27help me workout help me to be able to do
6:28my job help me to be able to serve my
6:31family so I I guess there’s innumerable
6:33things yeah yeah
6:34this helps you to embrace and how people
6:38that he loved totally those these are
6:42simple things just look at your hands
6:44imagine life without them and say thank
6:47you to them say thank you to your feet
6:48your icy legs teeth everything it’s a
6:52small things are the big things
6:54be thankful that we poop in water that
6:56other people would like to drink out of
6:58helping people is that
7:01how and giving and gratitude of both
7:04muscles as is the 30 which is growing
7:07you have to grow emotionally physically
7:09spiritually mentally
7:11wow I just I never looked at it that way
7:15that it’s just this place of gratitude
7:16because that’s a big mindset shift right
7:18it is you know and it’s just small
7:21things you can be grateful for that you
7:23know you have you have shoes in some
7:26countries they use tires old ties of
7:29shoes or even water bottles of shoes so
7:33you know we don’t think I think my life
7:35the other day I’ve got a three or four
7:37sets of parameters that only need one
7:40do I even need one you know so it’s very
7:43interesting how we live our lives
7:45yeah I i guess to go back to something
7:49you said before that I just kind of
7:50glanced over you mentioned that in 2008
7:53you’re on the verge of suicide you know
7:55what changed from you being that guy to
7:57this guy because this is a very
7:58different person you know how did you
8:01kind of make that shift to you know
8:04helping other people be grateful helping
8:06other people come from a place where
8:08they want to help others like how did
8:09that change that seems like such a big
8:12what changed through a one thing which
8:14is awareness away gives you clarity
8:17clarity gives you focus focus your
8:19action action gives you results which
8:21ultimately leads to happiness joy bliss
8:24but i was able to be aware that when i
8:28started to give when i started to be
8:30grateful and when i started to grow the
8:32paint disappeared and then I Michael
8:34actually realize them I was focusing on
8:37me whenever you focus on you that’s
8:38always paint but if you focus on other
8:42just when a child is born the your
8:44attention get disappears from you to the
8:47child and that’s why it’s such a
8:48beautiful experience because all your
8:50audio wiring and concerns disappear and
8:54you serving someone else but in a in
8:56such a pure form sure that’s that’s
9:00that’s awesome and I’m just like was
9:03there like a method or something like
9:04was there something you did was an
9:06experience you had like something that
9:07really shifted that view because you
9:09know it’s so different
9:10well you know I started helping people
9:12through coaching I just started guiding
9:14them and when I serve them i realized
9:18that all this interesting 1 i’m enjoying
9:20this and this is what your listeners can
9:22start doing
9:23have to do what you love so when you do
9:25something and you find yourself enjoying
9:26it follow that part start doing more of
9:30that stuff and then you’ll find it that
9:32at the end of the day you’ll find a way
9:33to earn money from it and so it doesn’t
9:36become work it becomes a passion and
9:38emission and what are you doing like
9:41before this time because i’m sure a lot
9:43of people listening or just that you
9:45know they either are doing something
9:46they don’t like and they’re looking to
9:47try something else like what were you
9:49doing before that like you’re like
9:51Amanda’s I’m not really happy with it
9:53but I want to go out and coach people
9:56well I was really doing real estate for
9:58the previous and then before that I used
10:00to be a doctor of Optometry there’s
10:03something missing and I didn’t I can put
10:05a of my light handle it or my eyes on
10:10and I couldn’t handle it but through the
10:13experiential stuff and everything when
10:15you experience it it’s absorbed much
10:18deeper into the body so once you
10:20experience something when once you
10:22experience that love enjoy that
10:23sometimes you don’t get it is a
10:25beautiful experience for you two to be
10:28actually in that moment
10:30amazing and that’s I think that’s
10:32something a lot of people really have
10:33trouble with and that’s one thing it on
10:35there’s like truly being present right
10:37like actually being here because we get
10:39so concerned about all these things that
10:41happened in our past and things are
10:42gonna happen in our future and we can’t
10:44like be present here and now and
10:45actually be a part of that
10:47yeah you know there was a party with no
10:49future there was only one now and if you
10:51live in the policies like driving i’m
10:53looking through with your mirror so it’s
10:55always going to lead to a problem
10:57absolutely so then you started coaching
11:00people and i just think that’s really
11:02interesting because it’s like almost a
11:04very direct practice of taking that
11:07attention off of yourself done did you
11:09have somebody that you worked with two
11:11to learn how to coach was just more of a
11:14organic experience ria really overall
11:16was a quite organic and and when I have
11:21patience i would always like to talk to
11:23them and they would tell me sometimes
11:24they tell me that problems and i would
11:26say hey why don’t you try this and then
11:28we’ll come back said hey I tried that
11:29was amazing thank you and I I didn’t
11:31think anything of it like that it was
11:32common sense and this is a one of those
11:35fines of genius if you listen asst pay
11:38attention to what i’m going to say next
11:40is that when you find something so easy
11:42that other people find so hard that is a
11:45sign of genius you know I used to
11:47discount like churches and want to know
11:49it’s obvious but it wasn’t obvious to
11:51the people that needed the coaching all
11:53the people around me so once you
11:55discover your genius
11:57please please please do not discount it
11:59what would you describe I guess genius
12:02as it’s it’s it’s such an interesting
12:04way of looking at things i would
12:08describe geniuses at the ability to see
12:10things that other people don’t let me
12:11see and do things that other people
12:14can’t really do
12:16absolutely i think for myself like and
12:19you’ve probably seen this as well with
12:20your coaching practice like that’s
12:21something I’ve definitely seen working
12:23with you know employees or training new
12:26people is I i always take for granted
12:28that people know things and I just
12:30realized that it’s all these different
12:32things that I knew how to do and it’s
12:34you know my ability to know them and
12:35people don’t actually know them off the
12:37bat you know it was genius fact just
12:41don’t let it go to my head on you sure
12:42about that
12:44that’s the second part of it you know
12:46you have to accept the fact that you’re
12:48a genius but you have to let the eager
12:50that’s really interesting because that
12:53and that’s exactly what i see in the
12:54conversation we’ve had so far is your
12:56very humble about what you do how do you
12:58how do you balance you know being very
13:01good at what you do versus humility like
13:03how do you balance those two things
13:04without kind of going too far to either
13:07well the weekend if you’re truly serving
13:10it then you’re focusing on the other
13:13person so the ego can’t get in
13:15I have my moments you know I remember
13:16that time i had i think 628 bodyguards
13:20in many in because i wanted to get like
13:22my signature and give me a hug and and
13:24you know the photo i thought why this
13:27feels amazing and it was it was a big
13:30ego trip
13:31it’s ok to have an ego as long as she
13:33doesn’t live in an ego there are two
13:35different things
13:36absolutely absolutely and like like how
13:40would you describe living in an ego
13:42because is eight think it’s something we
13:44experience but like I don’t think it’s
13:46something we’re always aware of you do
13:47you know what I’m saying when you live
13:50in eco you cannot be fulfilled
13:51we its emptiness or you’re seeking for
13:55another high or you’re seeking something
13:57and there’s something missing
14:00what if you’re truly in that place of
14:02places nothing missing
14:03absolutely and you know and some of the
14:07stuff you sent over to me to one of the
14:08things that really struck me is you
14:10mentioned measuring happiness level and
14:13I just I just found it intriguing
14:14because I’m like what
14:15how could you measure happiness I guess
14:18either you’re happy or not like so how
14:20do you how do you measure that but I
14:23feel like it’s very fine
14:24well it is but it does
14:27in the people are missing is clarity and
14:30if they go to this website is my
14:32happiness score dot-com you’ll get a
14:34numeric score on how happy you are not
14:37only will you get a score but also you
14:40will find out areas of your life that
14:43you need to work on because there are 25
14:45questions and each each question
14:48pertains to a particular aspect of one’s
14:50life so that the school will come with a
14:52PDF where they will tell you which ever
14:55you feel like you need on need to work
14:57on it and if you focus on that two or
14:59three areas your schoolwork up and
15:01you’ll immediately feel different
15:03wow that’s awesome i’m noticing a lot of
15:07what you do is helping people get
15:08clarity and I correct to say that it is
15:11that’s what people missing they don’t
15:12have clarity about their relationships
15:14or why they can’t find a relationship
15:16what relationship isn’t working or
15:18they’re not happy they’re not fulfilled
15:20and once they get clarity give so much
15:23more power you you you have something
15:26like that helps people find clarity like
15:29some sort of like I guess practice or
15:32some sort of like tool that they can use
15:35to find Claire ear how does that work
15:37for you
15:38the anyway to get priorities through
15:40awareness though if you if an awareness
15:44of muscle if you increase the level and
15:46an ability for that muscle to work
15:48you’ll get more clarity and you’ll get
15:50more joy so a practical way to get more
15:53awareness is to pass have a reminder on
15:56your phone to remind you to be aware you
15:58could have a post it on your computer
16:00with the word or we’re on it a wristband
16:03or a rubber band absolute planned on
16:05your wrist just to remind yourself every
16:07time you said I have to be aware a
16:09handkerchief in your pocket with a knot
16:11in it that will remind you i have to
16:14so all of these things a muscle-building
16:17ways to increase your awareness and then
16:19what a beautiful thing happens you
16:21become aware of being aware
16:24wow that’s that’s really interesting and
16:27and it’s it’s because the interesting
16:28thing about it i just i wrote an article
16:30about self-awareness not too long ago
16:32because i think especially now there’s
16:35kind of this weird shift and then I
16:37imagine you probably work with a lot of
16:38entrepreneurs but in the entrepreneurial
16:40like landscape right where it’s become
16:42very cool to be an entrepreneur and it’s
16:44almost like a rockstar and I think
16:46people don’t have this level of
16:49self-awareness to kind of realize you
16:52know number one if they actually are an
16:53entrepreneur can be one and number two
16:55like they kind of lie to themselves on
16:58the certain skills they think they have
16:59once they get to that point and don’t
17:01understand why it’s not working i don’t
17:02know if this is something you’ve
17:03observed we were what i see is that with
17:07entrepreneurs they tend to focus on
17:09their strong points and one of the big
17:11mistakes they make this that they can
17:13they feel that they they could work on
17:15the weaker points with the same level of
17:19success so what I noticed especially in
17:21relationships that they worked very hard
17:23on their financials and all the business
17:25and in a building up there that they’re
17:28following but they won’t work so hard on
17:31their relationship but they think that
17:33they will sort it out eventually because
17:35you know they used to success but this
17:38is a big problem in that because they
17:40losing out on beautiful relationships
17:42and the joy and the blessed that they
17:44could have had at a much earlier h
17:48so true so true and in terms of like you
17:52mentioned awareness and I just out i
17:53want to go back to that a little bit you
17:55know why is awareness so important like
17:58like like why is it so important like
18:00what is it the thing that’s missing
18:02well awareness is just like your skin it
18:04holds everything in place if you didn’t
18:05have skin you’d be all over the place
18:07right there if you didn’t have a way
18:09with we’d all be dead
18:11you know we can graphically no really we
18:13have hard and we would fall over we cut
18:17ourselves all sorts of things so there’s
18:19different levels of awareness we have
18:22the you I just want to make up for what
18:24I just made up a way to security watch
18:26your awareness security know if it’s 10
18:29mins you know you’re aware of everything
18:31and if it’s one it’s been almost almost
18:35being like a child you know you have to
18:37tell apart that’s really interesting
18:39because i feel like i was talking to
18:41open election i feel like i was talking
18:43to somebody about that earlier today and
18:45it’s kind of approaching life i guess in
18:48a more childlike way a lot of times
18:50because we we tend to look at it in such
18:53a way where we know absolutely
18:54everything and you can’t learn or truly
18:57experience like that because it’s a bit
18:58of prejudice you absolutely what’s going
18:59on around you too
19:01it is because you think you know all
19:03whenever you catch yourself saying i
19:05know i know i know i would just step
19:07back and see you know what is it I don’t
19:09know what is it I can learn from here
19:10and that way if you ask better quality
19:13questions to get better quality answers
19:15so it never assume you know everything
19:17is even if you think you do and you may
19:19even know everything
19:21someone will say something in such a
19:23manner that will trigger you to grow in
19:25that moment
19:26absolutely in terms of like some of the
19:30entrepreneurs that you work with you
19:32know what are the the key things that
19:34you’ve seen that are kind of the same
19:35issues a lot of them are having that
19:37you’ve kind of had to help them with
19:39quite a bit
19:40the common denominator is normally a
19:42father we should only have issues with
19:44their father which it which forces them
19:47to be hard-working more successful more
19:50driven and that that’s very painful
19:53because what what they trying to do to
19:55fix something that that they think is
19:57broken which actually is not broken and
19:59once you six that relationship
20:01all of a sudden they become even more
20:03successful not because they have to be
20:06because they want to be in the show its
20:09purest form
20:10that’s amazing and so you I guess you’re
20:13nailing it down to they stop going after
20:16someone else’s purpose and they find
20:18their own yeah and then a beautiful
20:20thing happens they find out what truly
20:22they enjoy so they become more energized
20:25more vital more happier more fulfilled
20:27they start giving the studies be more
20:29grateful and they start growing and
20:32again that’s what happiness formula so
20:34that they can’t explain what happens but
20:36it’s a mathematical formula and I think
20:40the cool thing about that though is is I
20:43I just see the same thing going through
20:46everything you’ve been saying this idea
20:47of happiness this idea of gratitude and
20:49if you look at a lot of the lake
20:51I guess we could say uber successful
20:53entrepreneurs you know like like Tony
20:55Tony Hsieh from zappos or like Richard
20:57Branson or somebody like that they kind
21:00of come more to this other level of you
21:02know gratitude of this different way of
21:04being a nice i think that is what
21:06creates the higher level of success
21:08would you agree with that I i agree i
21:10mean iíve met Tony but with the man I i
21:14I’m most impressed with this richard
21:16branson I asked him you know what are
21:19the most important things in your life
21:21and you have two things relationships
21:23and health and it’s absolutely right
21:26what’s the point in having millions of
21:28dollars if you can’t have a great
21:30relationship you know we don’t have
21:31great health so you know here pitam Isis
21:36to me one of the great assault on the
21:37planet is generous his kind humble here
21:40she has great humility and I I take a
21:43lot from him so I think you know
21:46wow if he can be this way i can
21:47certainly improve really nice i have so
21:50much to learn from him and just watching
21:52him with you it’s just present kind
21:55sincere honest a beautiful soul
21:59absolutely and because I just don’t know
22:02if you found this but this is in my
22:03whole inspiration why even started the
22:05show as I think just the idea of lake
22:09creating on another level but also
22:11living a beautiful life can also be
22:13creation itself as well you know we have
22:17no idea the impact we have other people
22:19slides and how we shop in life or
22:22determine how many people we impact and
22:25people will always remember how you made
22:27them feel that’s so true and it ended it
22:31just kind of really creates the
22:34difference between like a i guess you
22:37could say a manager or a boss and like
22:39somebody that’s a leader right like a
22:41leader somebody that has that empathy
22:42that’s in the trenches with you that
22:44feels for you but they’re going to push
22:45you through as well in it and that’s
22:47kind of a different place to be as well
22:49well I think that doesn’t push it
22:51through he pulls you through interesting
22:54yeah I think that’s a big difference so
22:56let’s let’s go into that little more
22:58than you know how would you describe
22:59leadership from your viewpoint time I i
23:02would say it it’s who you’re being how
23:05you show up a lead from the front
23:08because you want people to follow you
23:10for who you how you show up what your
23:14ethics and morality your morals and your
23:17authenticity and your integrity
23:23no bye-bye to the truth leaders have got
23:26a very high level of integrity and they
23:28don’t focus on them they don’t focus on
23:31the eco they don’t focus on then getting
23:33the acclaim they’re just focusing on
23:35getting the result awesome it’s so true
23:38i want to look a little bit more at you
23:42at the individual and in terms of your
23:45skillset what would you say is your
23:46biggest skill set and how do you feel
23:48that you’ve developed that my biggest
23:51skill set is is the ability to see
23:54through all the boys and classless and
24:00choose that people have and then get
24:01straight to the point and just in a
24:03dismantle it and destroy it and it’s
24:05only a forgiveness process do you think
24:08that’s something like in Bourne because
24:10I think there’s a lot of people that you
24:11meet like that just have that United
24:14that they just have to do you think
24:15that’s something in born or something
24:16that’s required is absolutely required
24:18so that imagine when the child is born
24:21it gets a tremendous amount of love it
24:25it poops and at this rejoice in it it
24:28would do stuff will break stuff and
24:30maybe you know upset but at a certain
24:33age we have an expectation for that
24:36child in after it starts walking and
24:38talking then we want the child to behave
24:40in certain manner and then it
24:42the child is thinking well I used to
24:44poop all over the floor and nice to get
24:46applauded for it now if I do something
24:49wrong I’m cast I so i have to do
24:51something in order to be appreciated and
24:55it’s in that doing that but that that’s
24:57a big shift for the child
25:00that’s that’s a great point in terms of
25:03mentorship did you have somebody that
25:06was a mentor you because that’s one of
25:07the big things I put a focus on for our
25:09audience is finding somebody that’s
25:11already gotten what you want to do and
25:13you know getting the guidance from that
25:15person have you had a mentor for
25:16yourself and your your business coaching
25:20well i would say Tony has been a big
25:23mess with me honey robins and Richard
25:26Branson of being an amazing mentor but
25:28also I i love and haven’t met brian
25:32tracy sigler Jim row in wayne dyer I’ve
25:37not met these people but I i think
25:39they’re amazing people and i would
25:40consider them to Polian hill as great
25:44mental norman vincent peale to remember
25:46listening and reading their thoughts
25:48many years the result consider them as
25:50momentous into somebody listening what
25:53kind of advice would you give them they
25:55were looking to find the right person to
25:57mentor them it’s the first thing I would
25:59recommend if you have to read one book
26:01which is thinking grow which not just
26:04read it but study it and once you’ve
26:07studied it and you write down exactly
26:08what you’re going to do what you don’t
26:10provide for that service and how much in
26:15exact numbers you can earn by a certain
26:17date once you really study this book
26:19then search for a mental because you’ll
26:23know what you’re looking for you and
26:24just be unstoppable
26:26just beyond stopped because mentors are
26:28looking for people to look to look after
26:30and guide but they want the right person
26:33they want someone and Les Brown says you
26:35have to be hungry
26:36you have to be so hungry that you going
26:39to be unstoppable
26:41and that’s the type of person is going
26:42to succeed what’s the best piece of
26:45advice you’ve ever received
26:48best piece of advice I’ve ever received
26:55things always do the right thing it you
26:59know if you if you have a decision to
27:01make any Oscar sulfate what’s the right
27:03thing to do here and now you know what I
27:05have to do this
27:06just go ahead and do it and then I
27:09promise you that the rewards will be
27:12what are the next 12 months six to 12
27:15months looking for you i know we lose
27:16our audience always like to hear what
27:18disease exceptional people have going on
27:20in the future i’m going to be a this a
27:24beautiful beautiful stuff coming to a
27:26very very large compared to conventional
27:27at the moment but they’re working to use
27:33their substantial resources to help the
27:35planet help the oceans help conservation
27:39and they’re going to be rolling out some
27:42programs for this path to increase the
27:45satisfaction of their employees which is
27:47a beautiful thing and that’s what we
27:49need to focus on is the environment and
27:51the people that we work with so that we
27:53can create movements and create a
27:56beautiful environment to live in so I’m
27:59really excited about that excited about
28:01a second book I’m writing and also i am
28:04looking to get on bigger stages my aim
28:07is to talk in front of huge stages in in
28:10Indian Africa because they really need
28:12your help and these people are very
28:14hungry if you tell them to do a P&C
28:16they’ll just go ahead and do it
28:18yes I think sometimes you’re in America
28:19we take things for granted a lot of
28:21times what we do have you know it i
28:24always feel that citizens should
28:27citizenship should be earned
28:31we take citizenship to as a granted and
28:35we don’t respect it but if we had to do
28:37something for it if we had to behave in
28:39a certain manner 2222 gain that
28:44I’m sure the younger generation will
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29:44we’re about to come in for a landing
29:46before we do are you ready for some
29:48rapid-fire questions
29:50absolutely you are selected for a pretty
29:52big stage a commencement speech at an
29:55Ivy League university what is your topic
29:58and why i’ll give them the happiness
30:02formula it’s nothing to do with how much
30:04money you and it’s got nothing to do
30:06with your status
30:07it’s about how giving a youth how
30:10willing are you to be grateful and how
30:11willing are you to grow give gratitude
30:15is there a quote that you kind of lean
30:17on through your journey I loved on this
30:20quote gonna be the change i am telling
30:24my son to reduce certain things to clean
30:27up his accounts it’s paperwork and I
30:29think to myself hey buddy you’re telling
30:32him to that you’re just in a mess so i’m
30:34working on that now so that when he
30:36comes back on the 14 i can say to look
30:39this is what I’ve done I want you to do
30:42it too
30:43I think that’s a big deal that like more
30:44leaders really should be doing is B is
30:46being that example that they’re asking
30:48other people to do that huge yeah I I’ll
30:50give an example i was we were invited to
30:53richard branson’s grand opening of this
30:55hotel in chicago and my son turned out
30:58it was Richard Anderson actually I don’t
31:00know which of anderson it isn’t that he
31:02gets to see of delta airlines that ok we
31:06left out to shoot went up to him when to
31:08hit you know nice to say hello you would
31:11have answered yes I am we started
31:13talking then he said i would you like to
31:15take a photo with mrs. Sherwood like
31:17that we put our drinks down and we took
31:19the photo
31:19this is what this man did next he bent
31:22down and picked up my son’s drink and
31:24gave it to him
31:25wow that is pure leadership he didn’t
31:29have to do that
31:30notes and he didn’t make a fuss about it
31:32i noted my son notice that it’s the
31:34humility of having the manners to
31:36actually show other people they’re
31:38yeah you know if you if you are there
31:41any sexual about what’s the right thing
31:43to do
31:44of course this is the right thing to do
31:47what about one book if you could select
31:49just one book that you could have had
31:52they think and grow rich awesome when
31:55you hear the word entrepreneur what one
31:58name comes to mind
31:59leveraging prostate started work very
32:03cool well people have very different
32:05definitions of success but you gotta a
32:08certified letter because it would have
32:10to be certified in this one from
32:11websters dictionary they said I’m gupta
32:13you can redefine success what would your
32:15definition be successively making
32:20that’s awesome well you know I really
32:23appreciate you hanging out with this has
32:25been a very very interesting
32:26conversation I hope it’s been as great
32:28for you as it has been for me in our
32:29audience if our listeners want to
32:31connect with you and learn more about
32:32what you’re doing where’s the best place
32:34to do that the best present my website
32:36which is immediate happiness dot-com
32:38that is the type of my book it’s called
32:40immediate happiness available on Amazon
32:42and please remember find out what your
32:44happiness scores go to my happiness call
32:47dot com on someone your group to thank
32:49you so much for being on the create your
32:51own my podcast today I appreciate you
32:53having me on
33:00I hope you guys enjoyed hanging out with
33:02me and I Neil gupta today you can check
33:05him out over at immediate happiness
33:07dot-com or pick up his book immediate
33:09happiness and you may catch him on a
33:11stage somewhere on the world as he
33:13travels quite a bit and does a lot of
33:15speaking on some places including necker
33:18island of the richard branson hang out
33:20you can get the show notes for this
33:22episode over at Jeremy Ryan /
33:24215 rock on everybody have a great day

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