Dr. Dan Margolin is a practicing podiatrist with over 27 years experience, and a practice that ranks in the top 3% in the country. Dan current practice is his second, and in comparison, wildly successful to his first. Dan learned exactly what he need to do, to build a business that would grow quickly, with little interaction from himself.

Dan has had an incredible journey, as a doctor and as a businessman. After founding his first practice, things were not going quite splendidly, but Dan learned a management technology that saved his practice. He then decided that he would go out and introduce this technology to others as a consultant, and sold his practice. However, a consultant without a successful practice was not a believable one, and he started a new game, creating a bigger, better practice than ever before.

This inspiration journey, proved so much so, that he felt the need to write it down, and authored Fast Tracking Your Prosperity. Dan was inspired to write fast tracking in order to give his words of wisdom to his daughter.

In addition to his current business, Dan an business partner, Justin Feinberg, started Effective Management. Their program is directed towards helping businesses train their staff to peak performance and increase their bottom line by upwards of 30%

Dan’s Favorite Quote:
“That which you will not confront, will confront you.”

Robert’s Favorite Books:
The Prince (Dover Thrift Editions)

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