September was an amazing month for the Create Your Own Life podcasts. The show has started to get into the higher echelons of business, climbing up the charts in business. This month we had successful people from all works of life, from superstar salesman to best-selling authors. All gave us the advice that we need to create life on our own terms. Here are the most downloaded episodes of September, by the numbers!

1. Grant Cardone
Grant Cardone is a man obsessed. In this episode, Grant tells us why if you don’t learn to become the best at things you hate and obsessed with your message, then you’re doomed to be average


2. Clinton Senkow
Clinton Senkow has figured out the art of influence, and has quickly built a world class network. In this episode, Clinton teaches us how to be an Influencer.

3. Cole Hatter
Cole Hatter wants you to Thrive. In this episode, Cole talks about how you can have a for purpose business and the genesis of his upcoming Thrive event.

4. Joe Fairless
In this episode, Joe teaches us how the very new entrepreneur can get their start in real estate investing. He also takes us through his journey from marketing to real estate investing.

5. Jesse Ortiz
Are your holding yourself accountable? In this episode, Jesse Ortiz teaches us how having the right people to hold you accountable in your business can make all the difference.